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A wall color collection from an artist’s perspective. Yogurt-like paint that dries to fabric-like finishes. Eliminate color indecision and painting risks with Devine Color®. Luxurious. Harmonious. Amazing.

OK, Man Cave (…let’s see if we can agree on the definition, here is what I have: a place for men (in their home) where there are no expectations from him other than to: play games, drink, watch sports, and unwind…why, we don’t call it a Boy Cave, is a mystery to me. The idea of a place that lets you express your personality and pleasure: enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight, sounds great to me!  I have colorized many terrific Man Caves….but how come I have never gotten a call to do a “Woman Cave”…is there such a thing?

Wait, you are going to say that there are Man Caves because the rest of the home belongs to the women…but, why then, do so many of us, women, feel like our homes don’t reflect who we are? Last time I checked, not a lot of women live in a princess castle, or a royal palace.

There are rooms designated for women called craft rooms where women do scrap booking, crafts, sewing, glue stuff, or wrap presents. They have no games, TV, or wine racks, but do have really good lighting. Then there are rooms with female overtones, such as the laundries or kitchens; places where women do what they have to do to keep wheels turning, the train rolling, and life functioning. But while these rooms speak of what women do, they don’t often express their personalities, pleasures, or fantasies.

Let’s see if we can "craft" a new definition for a Woman Cave, and get the rest of the house looking like our dreams come true? Why don’t we call our place A Female Grotto: places where we get to show how smart, sharp, deep, romantic, expressive, effervescent, practical, or calm we are. If we get the rest of the house, then lets dress it up with our personality and our richest fantasies. What ever your budget may be, with a little bit of imagination, TJ MAX, MACY’s Coupons, and Second Hand Stores, it’s achievable, but first, ask yourself:

# 1-What are three character traits (personality) that you like about you? (in my case, I like that I am smart, creative, and independent.)

# 2-What do you see yourself doing (fantasies) in your Female Grotto? (in my case: lots of amazing conversations with friends, spontaneous get-togethers, a ton of lounging, laughing,  pop culture reading, movie watching, writing, and experimenting with food, art, color.)

# 3-Make a list of the colors, patterns and furniture lines that express your personality and fantasies. See fashion first. When I fall in love with a picture of a room, or a home I visit, it’s because I can imagine myself, dressed how I love to dress, in that room. In other words, I (myself) match the room. My fashion Icons are Angelina  & Audrey. Sure enough, I wear modern silhouettes, solid shots of color, stripes, and a few ruffles. I do lots of up-do’s, straight jeans, I hardly wear jewelry, but I do wear great make up. No wonder my home is all about classic and retro colors, clean lines, leather, shag, glass, wood. I live with open spaces, abstract art, conversation pits, lots of TV’s, book shelves, and magazine racks. It reflects my personality, which I express through my fashion, and my fantasies—what I see myself doing! My husband loves it…because he loves me!

Here are examples of “Female Grottos”  where a woman can be herself, in her life, and the room says it all! Follow your fashion…

Glamorous, Fun, Strong:

Traditional ornate molding,curvy lines, light fabrics, light textures, and lot of shimmer. Light blue/greens, sun-bleached yellows and whites (see colors like Devine Spray, Beluga, Almond, Muslin, Feather, and Whip.)

Cultured, Curious, Intuitive:

Confident juxtapositions between light and dark, natural wood and painted wood, modern (orchids) and organic (tulips),  intellectual (art piece) and whimsy (fish). Colors are natural like Devine Cocoa, Cafe, Icing, Moss, and Hosta. See more at desiretoinspire

Determined, Expressive, Present:

Single statements & straightforward lines, bold color (like Devine Pistachio Lime, Green Tea, Buffalo, Ginseng, Latte) , and clean style. Cool black, white, and grays mixed with warm textures and soft fabrics.Check out more inspirations at ratemyspace

Look around, what does your Female Grotto say about you? What do you want it to say about you? Give your man that Man Cave, treat yourself to a kingdom, and live happily ever after.

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