Devine Color

A wall color collection from an artist’s perspective. Yogurt-like paint that dries to fabric-like finishes. Eliminate color indecision and painting risks with Devine Color®. Luxurious. Harmonious. Amazing.


Here is the deal, you don’t really have to do it if you don’t want to do it. NO ONE is saying you do. BUT, you’ll realize that by doing it, it will make you feel thinner, better looking, smarter, light on your feet, and a better dancer. (I’m not saying it will make these things happen, I’m saying it will make you feel like it). I’m talking about about going for it, once and for all: Commitment, color commitment that is, for your walls. Sure, there are many fish in the sea, dreams about the one that got away or the one that might show up later. But time is ticking fast and life is short. You can’t always get what you want and getting the color you need takes:

  1. (Adj.) Color: Involving, Utilizing, Yielding, or Possessing Color
  2. Commitment: Pledge or Promise

Especially when it comes to your walls. The same room with the same furniture will feel glamorous or dull depending on the wall color—this means you will appear to be sophisticated or dull to the rest of the world as a result. Trust me. How many homes have you been to that you had an instant reaction based on how it felt more than how it looked? It was the wall color! So make a pledge or promise to become involved in utilizing and owning color, to make your home feel like you want it to feel, and live happily ever after. Share the fantasy and hope with all of us, will you? Lets take a cue from the larger-than-life symbol of commitment, the diamond:


What if your crazy? You might be, and everyone around you may know it. So then, make your crazy known, your freak flag fly, and state your color intentions clearly, so we can all go on with the business of living colorful lives. Luckily, you have my Devine Trend-Proof Color Collection and Road Map to make any color combo you want happen in a way that those around you find you and your home absolutely irresistible! The definition of insanity is to do something over, and over again, expecting different results…give this new approach a try! Folks at Apartment Therapy did, and found our colors able to translate their creative idea into a living, breathing expression of what they loved!…One thing for sure, everyone cheers commitment.


One color? Never! It’s not about one color. If you do one color at a time, you end up with a crazy quilt or wardrobe—ensembles take color coordination and color planning. So do your walls. Colors needs to connect and respond to one another. When you think “I want a red room” don’t forget to immediately ask yourself “next to what other color, in what other room?”



Where do you cut in the colors? Once you have colors that coordinate, start by opening your front door. Choose a place for color to say “WELCOME!”. It can be an niche wall, the living room to the left, on your entire entry way. A color needs to greet you, then, other colors need to lead you, and finally, the rest of the colors need to fill your rooms with feelings of peace, excitement, sophistication, cheerfulness, coolness…Make yourself a map if you will (x makes the spot), and place the colors in a sequence like unfolding a good story…and yes, you can repeat colors and you can use as many as you want.


GO BIG or go home. Do not be afraid of size. Walls are the largest color carat in the room so its really great to have something BIG be PRETTY! It’s your engagement party.

Ready, set, go…..

Here is the deal: the level of nostalgia is strong with you OB1—everyone has strong emotional ties to their Christmas tree and strong opinions. Some of you apologize for not being expert tree decorators, some of you hide behind the skirts of your children’s handmade ornaments, and some of you silently brag by letting your display of lights and perfectly coordinated balls do the talking. The world is your oyster when it comes to your tree and you can have it all, really, permission granted. If you are turning over a new leaf, go new, bold, or go home…wait, no going back. Break away from tradition and use color, ribbon, new things to bring about change.

You can always go PINK! Wait, back up that judgment truck…what about the feel of Cherry Blossoms in Winter? Yes, we love to see pink trees and why not at Christmas?

Think of decorating your Christmas Tree with pink balls, champagne balls, Cherry Blossom silk flowers and black ribbon! Why not? Seek inspiration from everywhere and you will see that there are plenty of new ways to announce your fresh start in style.

NO space? Check out this Country Living article with space-saving, down-sizing tree ideas. Think of many small trees everywhere!

Or, do what my friend, and fashion designer Kristine Lebow did…make your mark on a wall…..Imagine twisting the ribbon, or filling the inside of the outline with satin Christmas bows—all kinds, different colors and sizes.

Branches are also incredibly interesting and can make a very, very personal Christmas statement… see Flickr Finds from Desire to Inspire

Finally, what about my tree you ask? I am a blend of old and new; a blended family that, twelve years ago, had to be quick on its feet about making a New Christmas tree of Life! I’m a big believer that, whatever you put your mind to, be mindful of beauty. I love balls, but, alone they don’t tell our story. In the Schauffler-Goins household, AKA “The Gofflers”, the tree is a family affair except for a few conditions. As you can see, we live a full life, and our tree tells our tale.

Condition #1 Color, lots of color…

Colored Lights. I don’t care if anyone thinks they are passe, cheezzy, or trailer park, I love colored lights on a tree. This makes the tree itself it’s own celebration, the belle of the ball. Nothing against white lights, now synonymous for sophistication ( or to become less natural, especially to make less naive and more worldly)….WAIT, NOT SO FAST! Sure, white lights are sparkling, and white, but they also wash out a tree in a even, glaring, headlight, spotlight, artificial sort of way, especially if the ornaments are not color coordinated (all white, all gold, all silver). If you do have a collection of eclectic ornaments, kids, balls, gifts from friends, colored lights can weave your motley crew collection together to look cleverly cohesive. I take the best of both worlds, large white lights, and wrap them around the trunk and bottom with colored lights around the branches. This makes the tree look like it is being hit by moonlight from inside and the branches look like reflections of the colors from the ornaments!.

Condition #2 Scale, Size, Proportion…yep, everything has one…

Every ornament size is visually affected by the ornament next to it that’s a different size. Extra Big Balls makes a Christmas Tree look bigger, and other balls and ornaments, look special. Big Balls are a must, in life, and in a Christmas tree. I choose mine in a matt white to contrast and feature all the light and ornament colors even more so.

Condition #3 Order & Peace of Mind

Lights, Ribbon, then groups of Big Balls, Red Balls, Blue Balls, Glass Balls, & Frosted Balls (told you I love balls) go first, then the rest of the personal ornaments follow…at random, in special places where they shine like stars! The whole family dresses the tree together…and every year we all say the same thing “this year it’s the prettiest tree yet!”

May your Christmas Tree be everything you want it to be and more….Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Here is the deal: what does mixing a traditional winter scene, like the one above, have to do with race cars?  Everything; when it comes to breaking out of the boring decor box your teenager wants to escape from. Decorating a tween or teenager’s room is hard. They want: their posters, their collages, and their vision, while you want something that looks good, nice, presentable, and decorated. This is on top of the many power struggles they are supposed to battle you on as they seek identity, apart from yours. If you take cues from”teen world”--individuality, independence, and exploration—you can make your decor dreams for them come true—faster. Show your teen the site poster cabaret (cool, fashionable, attractive, and impressive), and you will have them eating out of your creative little hands. These posters/art prints will help you explore fresh new color and design possibilities that, believe me, no one in your house in going to think of. Not an insult to your creativity! When you see artistic colorful visions that others create, it gives you ideas you can personalize and communicate into your design, so then you can give it your own twist! Your teen wants the same. Your vision with their twist. Build their imagination through yours…for example let them imagine the Raven Heart Art Print below with soft red walls (Devine Cayenne, Saffron), dark cherry night stands and wool blankets as seen in

Devine SaffronBroyhill Fireside Cherry Night

You get the picture, and it’s not just for kids…Snag several posters for yourself and make powder rooms, studies, bonus rooms, and guest rooms stand out from all the “grapes on vines” soon to become the “Green Ivy” of over-manufactured, compulsive trends.

It Took Two to Tango to make the color BLACK be sexy...  →

Autumn: Wife, Mother, Designer

Here is the deal: I love the fact that creativity is a collaboration, and no collaboration is more intimate than couples who remodel together. When you dance well with your partner in life, creating a personal space together is the icing on the cake. These two were able to make black magic with their den in mydesigndump. Being able to recognize the power struggle between large black pieces of furniture by harmonizing the room with black walls was brilliant. Natural wood became an actual color in the room with caramel, tobacco, and cantaloupe melon undertones.  It does not mention the sheen but soft matte like Devine Powder would make it very suede. For black colors, see Devine Piping, Leather, Rhino & Komodo. Compliment with neutrals like Devine Cashew, Teak, or Cafe, or Dust.