Devine Color

A wall color collection from an artist’s perspective. Yogurt-like paint that dries to fabric-like finishes. Eliminate color indecision and painting risks with Devine Color®. Luxurious. Harmonious. Amazing.

Chairs are an abundant surplus in yards sales and give your home a seasonal inexpensive makeover. Colors like white, lime, turquoise, and black are back in bathing suit fabrics, dress prints, shoe leathers and pleathers. Think of using different shades of the same color, contrasting colors, or tone on tone variations of colors. Your color is out there.

From Decor 8


Try Devine shades of: Coast, Blue, Reflection, Foam

From Design Sponge

Try Devine shades of: Pistachio Lime, Green Tea, Iguana

From The Style Saloniste

Try Devine shades of: Shell, Whip, Icing, Custard

From The Bedlam Of Beefy

Try Devine shades of: Leather, Piping, Gator, Penguin

Easy to do, fast easy thrill with either paint sprays or quarts!

Here is the deal: Seeing wood these days reused, recycled, and redesigned in so many amazing ways makes rethink about the future. (see for more info on innovative reclaimed wood design) The fact that old is new, cheap is clean, and veneers are now becoming traditional, gives a whole new meaning to the health and wealth of our environment, inside and outside. The contemporary chick in me would love to spend a night with my husband eating, drinking, and marveling at the minds who created these thin slices of wood heaven! Oh wait, it’s the mind of  Officeda, and their website alone makes you believe that there is enough humanity and creativity to save and honor the past while dreaming of the future. Nothing is new under the sun…except for those who dream what’s possible.

Check out Patricia Yeo, & her restaurant in Boston, Ginger Park...

The more things change the more they stay the same. As long as there is vision, it will be expressed through out the ages, and we will stand on the shoulders of those who came before us—and learn from them—just like Danny Glover once told me. Yep, he did, and he wrote it, for my kids, on a Devine Color Color Card, in pen! I colorized with Devine Color his and Gina’s house in Portland. And here are some shoulders to hop on; this Apartment Therapy gem below is a great example of great bones, great possibilities, needing TLC, & deep pockets…a 1950’s modern prefab, lol isn’t that an oxymoron?

And then, just when I think all has been said, and done, there is the reusable, cool, and carbon-foot-print-friendly Christmas Tree, made out of wood!

The Possibili Tree!!!!!! Because anything is possible if we put our minds to it….

Here is the deal: what does mixing a traditional winter scene, like the one above, have to do with race cars?  Everything; when it comes to breaking out of the boring decor box your teenager wants to escape from. Decorating a tween or teenager’s room is hard. They want: their posters, their collages, and their vision, while you want something that looks good, nice, presentable, and decorated. This is on top of the many power struggles they are supposed to battle you on as they seek identity, apart from yours. If you take cues from”teen world”--individuality, independence, and exploration—you can make your decor dreams for them come true—faster. Show your teen the site poster cabaret (cool, fashionable, attractive, and impressive), and you will have them eating out of your creative little hands. These posters/art prints will help you explore fresh new color and design possibilities that, believe me, no one in your house in going to think of. Not an insult to your creativity! When you see artistic colorful visions that others create, it gives you ideas you can personalize and communicate into your design, so then you can give it your own twist! Your teen wants the same. Your vision with their twist. Build their imagination through yours…for example let them imagine the Raven Heart Art Print below with soft red walls (Devine Cayenne, Saffron), dark cherry night stands and wool blankets as seen in

Devine SaffronBroyhill Fireside Cherry Night

You get the picture, and it’s not just for kids…Snag several posters for yourself and make powder rooms, studies, bonus rooms, and guest rooms stand out from all the “grapes on vines” soon to become the “Green Ivy” of over-manufactured, compulsive trends.

It Took Two to Tango to make the color BLACK be sexy...  →

Autumn: Wife, Mother, Designer

Here is the deal: I love the fact that creativity is a collaboration, and no collaboration is more intimate than couples who remodel together. When you dance well with your partner in life, creating a personal space together is the icing on the cake. These two were able to make black magic with their den in mydesigndump. Being able to recognize the power struggle between large black pieces of furniture by harmonizing the room with black walls was brilliant. Natural wood became an actual color in the room with caramel, tobacco, and cantaloupe melon undertones.  It does not mention the sheen but soft matte like Devine Powder would make it very suede. For black colors, see Devine Piping, Leather, Rhino & Komodo. Compliment with neutrals like Devine Cashew, Teak, or Cafe, or Dust.