Devine Color

A wall color collection from an artist’s perspective. Yogurt-like paint that dries to fabric-like finishes. Eliminate color indecision and painting risks with Devine Color®. Luxurious. Harmonious. Amazing.

It Took Two to Tango to make the color BLACK be sexy...  →

Autumn: Wife, Mother, Designer

Here is the deal: I love the fact that creativity is a collaboration, and no collaboration is more intimate than couples who remodel together. When you dance well with your partner in life, creating a personal space together is the icing on the cake. These two were able to make black magic with their den in mydesigndump. Being able to recognize the power struggle between large black pieces of furniture by harmonizing the room with black walls was brilliant. Natural wood became an actual color in the room with caramel, tobacco, and cantaloupe melon undertones.  It does not mention the sheen but soft matte like Devine Powder would make it very suede. For black colors, see Devine Piping, Leather, Rhino & Komodo. Compliment with neutrals like Devine Cashew, Teak, or Cafe, or Dust.